Paeroa Christian School is a State Integrated Christian school. This means our teachers follow the state curriculum however we teach this from a Christian perspective as we believe all learning needs to be founded in Truth. In this environment students flourish which is evidenced by the schools outstanding academic results. However, our goal is to see students develop in every area of their lives as they realise their significance in this world under God's care.

Why should I send my child to a Christian school?
Education is a very important part of our lives and a young mind given the right stimulation will grow and absorb much. Each piece of information, whether taught in the classroom or observed in general life, will form the basis of a persons world view. When education excludes or even rejects God it's like a major piece of the jig-saw puzzle is missing. This may lead the student to adopting a very secular world view as opposed to developing a faith in God, which not only affects the way they live life now but could set their course for eternity.

By starting with the right foundation, of God being our creator, life makes more sense and our responsibility toward Him and others becomes clear. As Jesus himself stated the greatest thing we can do is "to love God... and to love others". We would all agree that a world without love would be a terrible place but that is exactly what we get when we try to exclude God. However, at our school we hope that students will appreciate the love that God has for them and will intern care for those around them.

Now while it is important to bring God into the picture please don't think that a Christian School is like a week long Sunday School and all we do is Bible lessons. Yes we do Bible lesson as well but we cover every other curriculum subject as required by the Ministry of Education but do so from a Biblical/Christian perspective.

"To provide for parents a  balanced Christian education to help develop children to their full potential, preparing them for service to God and the community"

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